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Who I am:

I'm a "small town" residential building designer with 30 years experience.

At a young age, I was aware that physical environments affect our lives in profound ways. I see aesthetic appeal in a wide variety of architectural styles. My home designs include everything from craftsman bungalows to contemporary styles. My approach

is hands-on, start to finish design--from bathroom remodels to large custom homes.

I'm interested in listening to you and understanding your "vision" first. Then proceeding with a creative collaboration. I'm personally responsible for every design detail. 


What I do:

I'm involved in site analysis/design. In the case of a remodel I personally assess your current structure, possibly with the assistance of a contractor or engineer. After we explore your ideas and budgetary goals, I provide feedback. Then, on to conceptual drawings. In the construction document phase (the production of plans/ blue prints) ongoing communication allows for modifications that meet your needs. When plans are complete, I assist clients in the permitting process, at either city or county level. I work with a group of seasoned and excellent builders; I can make referrals with confidence. During construction I am available for site visits and client consultation.

Ultimately, I'm passionate about supporting you in creating your dream home.


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